As we have stepped into the 21st Century where Technology, Creativity and Perfection, has become mandatory for every Company to raise and improve its standards of services, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Construction and Service Companies in Iraq. Our services include but not limited to Construction, Manpower, Heavy Equipment Rentals, Maintenance Activities, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Works. In addition, our portfolio involves Housing Projects, supplying/installation of sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, water treatment, desalination and purification plants roads, Streets Projects and Steel Structures.


Years of Service
Projects Completed

“We are more than builders.”

We are construction partners who are passionate about what we do and our partners’ success. We pride ourselves on being solution providers.


Lamasat Al Mimar Co. was established in Iraq in 2005 by its Owner Mr. Sadiq Jaffar Sadiq. From the begging, Mr. Sadiq infused his Company with strong core values that made it today Basrah’s largest construction company and service providers. Within the 12 years of operation Lamasat AL-Mimar Co. has successfully executed a huge number of projects and services and kept clients satisfaction as an undisputable priority.

Through the years Lamasat AL Mimar has evolved and adapted to the changes in technology, market demand and the diversity of services and clients, and it outperformed. What makes us different is our endeavoring follow up to quality improvement and staff training which enabled Lamasat Al Mimar to be always up-to-date and ready to tackle any challenge.

Lamasat AL-Mimar Co. offers services to assist you in your forthcoming or existing Projects. We have successfully executed a number of projects as Main and Sub Contractors for Local and International Clients. We have an excellent staff of highly trained, qualified and motivated people led by expert construction professionals with diverse background, who have the ability to perform the job according to the clients tailored needs.

We are dedicated to providing high quality services to vital industries and our commitment is to meet contractual responsibilities professionally by attention to details. Our qualified staff are provided with continuous training and support backed up with a Comprehensive quality planning and innovation. With our integrated team work and the tedious monitoring and inspection of quality requirements, we pledged that we will maintain and gain the customer satisfaction.




Lamasat AL-Mimar Co. Consider Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Interests to be prime importance to our business. We are totally committed to continual improvement in these areas. Our overall aim is to protect both people and the environment; complying with all HSSE regulations, is just the start, having a consistent framework for the management of HSSE issues helps us achieve the high standards we aim to.

Lamasat AL-Mimar Co. has internal auditing system to evaluate and assets the HSSE procedures and indicators including accident and incident statistics, performance against annual objectives and training achievements. Measurement helps us identify new avenues for continual improvement.

This policy statement applies to all Lamasat’s operations wherever they are carried out.

 Lamasat AL-Mimar Co. recognizes that attaining the absolute goal of causing no harm to people or environment is extremely challenging and will cooperate with clients, suppliers and the workforce towards achieving this goal.

Lamasat AL-Mimar Co. Employs a consistent framework for the management of HSSE issues across all its operations. We maintain, review and report on clear health, safety and environmental performance indicators.

Quality -

Lamasat AL-Mimar Co. considers quality and customer satisfaction as a major lever of success. To achieve the desired level of excellence, Lamasat Al Mimar Customer Satisfaction Department is in close relationship with the Customers. The Team is positioned in the heart of the organization and ensures each time a Job is taken, customers’ needs are met.

Lamasat Al Mimar Co. achieve some of it goals by:

  1. Ensuring continual improvement in the processes and operations
  2. Providing growth oriented & progressive work culture to its team
  3. Meeting and exceeding client’s expectations.
  4. Ensuring compliance to all applicable Legal & Statutory
  5. Establishing and maintaining symbiotic relations with stakeholders.